Discovering Toronto by Foot

Within the past year, a dear friend of mine was forced to leave his life in New Hampshire and moved to Toronto. Since the day we packed up his uHaul and made sure his precious flat screen was safe, it has been my mission to make the trip north for some quality time.

One small duffle bag, a boarding pass from BOS to YYZ, and a vague four day plan was all I required to make the trip to possible. Of course right before I left, I was tasked as courier for some grand items my friend left behind. Still baffled by the randomness, his bag included mail, one wash cloth, a single pair of underwear, a bed sheet, a questionably designed sweatshirt, two chia cups, a tie string from his robe, and an Omega Speedmaster. Of all things…this is what I was tasked to deliver 🤣. Allons-y!

From those four days of getting lost, roadtripping outside the city and capturing life on the street, the following photographs are a collection of my favorites from the trip.

Photo of myself standing with my bags at the Box District Silver Line Bus station in outside of Boston.

A Silver Line(ing) to start the trip. Shoutout to my trusty G7Xii flip out screen to help with the framing! Another shoutout to my face for never knowing how to properly behave in a picture.

A self proclaimed artistic picture of three windows letting in light to the corner of my airport terminal.

Taking a drink of water at the fountain outside my terminal and this sight caught my eye. While taking this picture I received some odd looks, probably as to why tf I was photographing a wall from their point of view.

Photograph of three passengers on the left side of the airplane using the armrests of their isle seat.

Originally taken as a throwaway to have some kind of imagery from the airplane, this one ended up being a gem! Since the start of my photography journey I’ve been such a fan of candid photographs.  I’m consistently amazed by the coincidences that can happen right before my eyes and make me feel as though they were meant to be taken! Cheers to you universe.

Image of two chai cups, Made by josephone mae design, in a cupboard next to a stack of plates.

Image of a barber holding my hair after cutting off two years of growth.

Image taken of buildings surrounding a mural made by street artist Shepard Fairey between Portland Street and Queens Street West in Toronto.,

Two women sitting outside a nail salon, one looking into the distance as the other talks on the phone.

Of all my photographs in Toronto, this is my favorite. I saw these two minding their own business while walking past on Queens and immediately wanted to photograph them. Unfortunately my shyness got the best of me, so in a less than ideal fashion, I put my camera down and took the picture behind my back. What I got was this funky composition wrapped in a vignette from my camera straps.

Delivery driver on an electric bike in front of bright yellow and blue wall.

If you’ve been to Toronto recently, the streets are frequented by delivery drivers on electric bikes and mopeds. It seems as though every city these days are run by these drivers lugging around food and groceries. A way of survival for many and extra cash for some, if you are blessed with their service please tip them well, lookout for them on the streets and have some grace with delivery times.

Two connected townhouses, lefts with brick painted red with a white door and the right with brick painted grey with a yellow door.

Among the newly developed apartment buildings and renovated properties on the western side of Toronto, I came upon some reminiscences of the city that once was. If you ever visit, do yourself a favor and venture out from downtown and look around. You’ll never know what you might come across.

Young boy wearing a backpack and holding a hand painted longboard saying "giant"

Construction worker cleaning cement truck in front of skyline depicting the Toronto CN Tower.

Store front of Raku restaurant in Toronto with a bicycle and a man in all black outside on the sidewalk.

Image of fish eye mirror showing all passengers in a minivan.

Old Woman in pink shawl sitting on rocks overlooking Georgian Bay.

Among the massive amounts of tourists climbing through the rocks lining Georgian Bay, sat this beautiful auntie watching over her family as they explored the intricacies of the bedrock. Her contentment was such a grounding force and even calmed the excitement of my emotions, as though she too was my kin. For these very emotions, I knew a photo was warranted in order to capture the purity of this very sight.

Woman taking off white snakes and putting on maroon suede heels

Rounding out the top pics from this trip to Toronto is quite possibly my favorite. While sipping on a latte, I was stopped in my tracks as I watched this women transform from casual day walker into an anticipatory elegance ready for the unknown.

And of course in a typical fashion of photography fate, take a look at her tattoo and all your questions will be answered.

Thanks to my pals Rishil and Soheir for introducing me to this new city they now call home! Because of their hospitality and planning we were able to live out some new found memories that will follow us for the rest of our lives. It could have been so easy to go about our weekends as we normally do hundreds of miles apart, but its important remember the effort it takes to go the extra mile, in order to maintain the relationships that matter most.

Peace and love,




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2 responses to “Discovering Toronto by Foot”

  1. jchretien Avatar

    I appreciate how each captured picture there was dialogue; It made me feel apart of your trip. Also your silverlinings made my own heart full of gratitude. You definitely have something unique going on with pairing vision to sentiments. Looking forward to following more future posts.

    1. Nathaniel Chrétien-Mansur Avatar

      Thanks mom! I truly value your input and support 🙂