The Start of a Visual Journey

Welcome to Dash Photographs, a blog documenting my journey as a photographer. Here I plan to share my visual representations of everyday life through location and creative perspective.

Much like the best kind of food, I am starting from scratch, with no wordpress experience or background in writing. The past few days have consisted primarily of research with little development. Hours of templates, youtube videos, forum posts, and messing around with random plugins, it’s insane how much there is to learn and if you’ve spent anytime using the platform, then you know it’s a rabbit hole waiting to suck up all your time. Lucky for me I’m a perfectionist and after my third time sitting down to work, and an additional four hours of tinkering, I finally finished the website header! At this rate a completed website will take me until Frank Ocean drops his next album, so to look out for my future self, I’m starting here to have some content for the building process.

At the time of this post, this is what I’ve got:

Tune in next post to see the blog development and to feed into my master plan of getting you hooked on Dash.

…this quite possibly will be the first and last time I say “hooked on dash”.





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