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    A Tribute to Bicycles – Boston

    A Tribute to Bicycles – Boston

    Think back on your life and try to recall a constant that has stuck with you over the years. Maybe it was a hobby that grew with you, a playlist… Read More



These days I’m living Kona side on the Big Island. Everyday is a warm, simplified version of my life back home in the east coast and I love it! I spend my days doing networking jobs for the bills, tinkering on projects in our Lanai for the thrills and occasionally surfing for the spills.

Right now i’m working on my photos from my time in Boston, Hawaii content is to come.

This space is for me to share thoughts, updates and relevant information.

  • Discovering Toronto by Foot

    Discovering Toronto by Foot

    Within the past year, a dear friend of mine was forced to leave his life in New Hampshire and moved to Toronto. Since the day… Read More

  • The Start of a Visual Journey

    The Start of a Visual Journey

    Welcome to Dash Photographs, a blog documenting my journey as a photographer. Here I plan to share my visual representations of everyday life through location… Read More

  • This is a Test

    This is a Test

    This is filler text to test the layout of posts and templates. Thanks for your interest while the site is under development. This is filler… Read More